Twelfth Night

Bubbled wrapped and packed away

With Twelfth Night this weekend drawing an official close to Christmas, holding with tradition we took down all of our decorations and lights.

I spent the best part of day negotiating my way through what seemed like a whole forest of pine needles and tissue wrapping dozen upon dozen of baubles and a multitude of assorted festive nic-nacs.

Of course with a more than occasional pause to snaffle essential nourishment, in the form of the remaining Christmas chocolates.  For surely they had to be eaten promptly for would it not have been “bad luck” to allow these to linger forgotten in the house beyond Twelfth Night too?

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5 thoughts on “Twelfth Night

    • Normally that is exactly what I do too. Last year they lurked forgotten in a corner of the basement for months before we finally boxed them up.

      Kate x