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Cinderella and Shoes

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Quite simply, may all your hopes and dreams (whatever they are and wherever you may be) come true this New Year.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year.

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Dress, Shoes or Both?

Tomorrow, at very short notice, we find we are going to a formal party.  As my husband forgot to reply to the invitation by the RSVP date (no surprise really that remembering to do this would slip off his radar, I should have done it myself) I had assumed we would not attend, until a couple of last minute spare tickets were sourced for us by a friend on Wednesday.  The same lovely friend has also arranged a babysitter for us.  Evidently we have something of a hopelessly disorganised reputation for our social diary to be so seamlessly put into place on our behalf!

A party, and of course some very bad dancing (which I will consider excellent at the time, but shudder to recall after the event, for the record, my husband’s dancing is even worse than mine, he has been known to topple people like skittles with his unique moves), will be the perfect antidote to the January black cloud I have been loitering under this week.  But as the dark clouds of my grumpy mood lift, I am faced with something of a dilemma.  With only a couple of days’ notice, and even more limited available shopping time, what will I wear?  And, moreover, is it socially appropriate to wear a dress that I have worn before?

I know that I have a selection of pretty dresses and a vast array of lovely shoes in the wardrobe from which I can take my pick, and that yes, it is more than acceptable to wear one of them.  Who after all will even remember what I wore previously?  However, as I sensibly attempt to convince myself that I will wear something from my wardrobe, I cannot quite manage to shake the question which is currently playing on repeat in my subconscious; should it be new dress, shoes or both?

Whether I can resist the need for a little essential pre-party shopping remains to be seen……..

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Bricks and mortar or shoes?

Last week after a great deal of deliberation, and in my case a considerable amount of angst, we came to the decision that it was time to sell our house in England.  Our tenant had given notice for early in the New Year and it seemed that the time was right to sell rather than continue renting out the house.  For me deciding to sell was not an easy decision, as since we moved last year still owning a house in England was the equivalent of a big security blanket; somewhere I could run back to.  Although what our tenants would have made of me turning up unannounced hot off the plane from Canada I am really not sure – I imagine, faced with a mad eyed woman on their doorstep they would probably have been well within their rights to call the police, and have me evicted!

Having been lucky enough to sell our house pretty much overnight (not wanting to tempt fate I will of course be keeping my fingers crossed until the contracts are signed), now it is time for the really big decisions.  In a nut shell, do we look for a house to buy in Canada and make our stay here more permanent?  Or, do we buy another house in England to go home to when our work visa expires?  Essentially this feels like a “proper” grown-up decision, one which will most likely shape the next 5 to 10 years (or possibly more) of our lives.  Rather than allowing job location or simply the need for a bigger house to accommodate our growing family to dictate our next move, we have to come to a decision of what will be best for us and where we want to make our next and more permanent home.  A decision which is, in more ways than one, of transatlantic proportions.  Where do we want our next home to be?

As we continue to think, discuss the pros and cons and debate what our next move should be, at the back of my mind there is of course a third option; I could always forget the bricks and mortar and spend the money on shoes!

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