Let the Christmas Light debacle begin

Christmas sparkle

Since yesterday was 1st December and there are now only 22 sleeps to go (and counting), putting up our outdoor Christmas lights this weekend was, in my opinion, absolutely compulsory!

As I mentioned last year, the hanging of Christmas decorations and lights and the aligning of trees has a tendency to become something of, to put it kindly, a “tussle” or, more bluntly and certainly more aptly, an all out domestic war zone.  Hanging our outdoor lights, doesn’t so much mark the start of the festive season but more signals the start of “open season”.

This year to add fuel to an already simmering raging fire, I had kindly bought and sneaked into the house an extra 300 lights.  And am slightly ashamed to admit that I did dash out at the weekend for a further 100 when no one was looking my way!

Tangled Lights

Over breakfast on Saturday morning I sketched out my desired configuration, then leaving the lights laid out in the front porch retreated fast…..and left my husband (or perhaps more aptly given his “happy smiling face” my Christmas Grinch) to get on with the job…..

Lights going up

From past experience I have learnt better than to try to assist with the hanging of the lights, and certainly know there is no value to be gained from passing comment on how they have been hung.

And, at the end of the day when switched on they lend the house a lovely Christmassy sparkle and if I squint and tilt my head just a little you can almost imagine that the bulbs are neatly lined up and pointing in the same direction!

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