Twenty 14

Cinderella and Shoes

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Quite simply, may all your hopes and dreams (whatever they are and wherever you may be) come true this New Year.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year.

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Building Dream Castles in the Sky

Now that our tenants have moved out of our house in England and (still keeping my fingers crossed until the final paperwork is signed) it looks like the sale will go through next week, my thoughts are of course turning to what we should buy next.  I have reluctantly accepted that the money realistically cannot be spent on beautiful shoes and that we have to reinvest in property as soon as possible.  Currently though despite lengthy discussion and much consideration, even more consternation and several bottles of thought channeling wine, we find we are just not ready or even in a position to make such a fundamental decision or commitment yet.

So, whilst I cannot focus my search on a specific location, I will instead start by compiling a wish-list.

Somewhat rashly I began my research by seeking the opinion of my children.  Must haves on their lists included; an indoor and outdoor 50m swimming pool (I suspect the maintenance of these will far out weigh the time taken to drive my daughter to and from practice!); a turret; a large back garden complete with a big tree; an in-house cinema; the list went on and on …..

My husband’s list was much shorter; a double garage with electronically opening doors.  I personally suspect a shed big enough to turn into his own personal man cave was also high on his list, but prudently he chose to keep this to himself.

For me, after 18 months of renting, I have started to lie awake at night and dream not of big spacious rooms or rolling acres, but simply of a modern and fully functioning kitchen and bathrooms with plumbing that works everyday and not just on a good day (and please no avocado bathroom suites), and a laundry room big enough to hide a week or more’s ironing!  That said, as I write this blog, it does occur to me that an expansive hallway with an open fire would be rather lovely, a flagstone floor, French doors off the kitchen, and, and, and ……….

Of course, funding our wish list could be challenging, but for now, I am preferring to ignore such “minor” issues and focus instead on building my dream castle in the sky.

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