Cinnamon Sticks and Christmas Craft

Cinnamon Stick Christmas Craft

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Whilst I am in constant awe and openly envious of anyone who can seemingly effortlessly create beautiful home crafted items, it has become abundantly clear that although I can whip up a cake or a batch of biscuits, craft is another matter altogether.  I have in the past been known to attempt to pass off my own crumpled glue splattered efforts as those of my children – this is no longer a viable option since anything they now produce is vastly superior than mine!  So, to avoid any further embarrassment I generally give craft an extremely wide miss.

This week however, buoyed up by Christmas spirit and encouraged by Pinterest (yes, I should know better), I made my very own cinnamon stick wrapped candle.

Cinnamon Christmas candle

Suffice to say, my attempts at wielding a glue gun were a sticky disaster, leaving in its wake a number of scorched partially melted candles and a nicely blistered finger.  So instead, I deviated from the suggested method and improvised with a couple of elastic bands, which I “craftily” hid behind the ribbon.

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