Twenty 14

Cinderella and Shoes

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Quite simply, may all your hopes and dreams (whatever they are and wherever you may be) come true this New Year.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year.

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Castles, Giants and Princesses

St Michael's Mount

Crossing the cobbled causeway to visit the beautiful craggy castle at St Michael’s Mount is just a little like stepping into a real live fairytale.

The island comes complete with a myth about a giant who according to legend once lived on the Mount and terrorized the local villagers with his pillaging and thunderous snores.   Adding truth to the tale is his small stony heart (allegedly still beating) which can be found halfway up the castle path.

Giants heart

But fairytales, myths and legends aside who could resist seeing if the slipper might fit:

“Whomsoever this glass slipper fits is the girl I shall marry”
{Prince Charming, Cinderella}

On the quay is a real royal footprint inlaid with gold, where Queen Victoria placed her dainty slipper when she visited the island long ago.

Queen Victoria's visit

Does the slipper fit?

However, looking at my foot in comparison, it seems quite clear that I was never intended to be a princess!

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