Oh Christmas Tree!

Louboutin Christmas tree

This week we will put up our Christmas tree.  When it comes to decorating, I have a very strict (some might suggest something of a control freak) approach, and we only hang white lights teamed with silver and gold baubles.

However, inspired by the Louboutin 2012 tree, I did wonder if a radical new theme should be introduced?

Or perhaps, I will just keep my fingers crossed for a beautiful new pair of shoes under the tree instead.

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Lurching Christmas Trees

As we rapidly approach Christmas it is not only lights that are the subject of much discussion in our house.  Also under scrutiny is our Christmas Tree.

We are all agreed that it must be real and have cleared a day next weekend to go and pick our own (fingers crossed for snow please).


And after years of fruitlessly trying to persuade me that the tree would look fantastic bedecked with coloured lights and an array of mismatched but jolly decorations, my family have given up. They know that I will stand resolute and decorate with just white lights and coordinating silver and gold baubles. For the record, tinsel is most definitely banned.

So, what is the issue?  It really comes down to a mathematical conundrum, one which we face every year, will the tree be perpendicular (i.e. straight) or will it be perched at a 45 degree angle (i.e. wonky)?

Years of hapless tree construction have taught us that despite our best collective efforts the angle at which the tree will ultimately lurch really does seem to be something of a lottery.  Perhaps if we threw the six foot beast into the bucket with a little more care and perfectly trimmed the trunk to fit the stand we would have more luck?  But I am always far too excited to get on with the decorating and my husband having dragged the tree home and into the house all too keen to finish the job as soon as possible.

So as we head into Christmas, I know from years of experience that if I squint, and tilt my head slightly to the side the tree will appear perfectly aligned.  And that at the end of the day irrespective of angle, once decorated it will look beautiful.

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