Oh Christmas Tree!

Louboutin Christmas tree

This week we will put up our Christmas tree.  When it comes to decorating, I have a very strict (some might suggest something of a control freak) approach, and we only hang white lights teamed with silver and gold baubles.

However, inspired by the Louboutin 2012 tree, I did wonder if a radical new theme should be introduced?

Or perhaps, I will just keep my fingers crossed for a beautiful new pair of shoes under the tree instead.

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10 thoughts on “Oh Christmas Tree!

  1. OMG that shoe tree is amazing! I would die for a pair of Louboutins under my tree, not gonna happen though! I am a stickler with my tree too although this year I did budge and let my husband add two strands of colored lights. Oh well!

  2. Hey, I’m not the only one with a strict tree policy! Love it! Me too.Uniform trees are the best. Although like you…..maybe my tree needs a new look!

  3. I still have not even put ours up yet! We buy a real tree here in NYC and wait for the weeke before so it lasts longer. We have a ton of decorations to choose from so each year its different!

  4. What a cool tree!!! I would kill for just one of those branches!!
    I am super crazy when it comes to guidelines for my tree. It is why we had to put another one in our basement, so my hubby could put all the “Other” decorations on his tree.