Soup and Savoury

Cheese and Chive Biscuits
Snaffled by my children (who for once chose not to take offense at the “green bits” which would normally be considered tantamount to poison!) whilst my back was turned.  

Cheese Straws
My son claims that he does not like cheese.  But with the “faultless” logic and reasoning of a 7 year old he absolutely adores cheese straws.  

Cheese and Chive biscuits - being snaffledCheese Straws

It seems that I have upset my husband.  He grumpily advised me that has put on too much weight this winter and that me and my Kitchen Aid are to be blamed.  So, instead of his usual cake and carbs, today he is snacking on houmous and celery.

Pretzel Buns
Definitely more a bun than a traditional pretzel!

HoumousPretzel Buns

Pumpkin Soup
I think it would be fair to say that I am currently in the grips of a full blown pumpkin obsession……In an effort to offset my personal glut of pumpkins I have been making soup.

Pumpkin soup