Damp, Damp, Damp

Rainy day
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It is quite shocking how much you can forget in two years!

Given that we were only in Canada for just under two years, you wouldn’t really have thought it was long enough for me to have forgotten anything.  But the time away has definitely dulled my memory, particularly when it comes to the weather.  Quite simply I had forgotten how damp it is – or possibly truth be told, had erased this less than perfect image from the rose tinted perspective I maintained of England whilst not living here.

As we arrived back at the start of an exceptionally warm and dry summer, now that September and a very gusty wet Autumn has arrived, it really has come as a rather unexpected shock.

With the damp has come a rapid and unwelcome drop in temperature.  My daughter, rather hilariously given how well she braced minus 30 last winter in Canada, was seen sporting a fleece lined hat complete with ear flaps and an over-sized bobble on Sunday  – and this was in the house!  And, my son lounging in his faux fur onesie just about threatened to tip my husband well and truly over the edge.

All weekend my husband had tinkered with thermostat (believing me to be looking in the opposite direction), trying to persuade the heating to come on.  I resolutely (and surreptitiously) turned it back down, whilst secretly putting on another sweater and trying to convince my less than hardy family that the house was indeed sauna-like.

September is simply too early to put the heating on…..isn’t it?

However, by Sunday evening I had to admit defeat and gave in (something I do not do lightly).  My stunned family turned to me, open-mouthed as I announced, nonchalantly (or so I hoped, although I suspect I may have failed to carry this pose off!) that it was indeed very cold and damp, damp, damp…..

So that is that really.  And with this shocking lack of stiff upper lip and “British” resolve, I have wimped out and the heating is on!

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18 thoughts on “Damp, Damp, Damp

  1. Well if it makes you feel any better it is raining and pretty damp here as well. Mind you it is supposed to get back up to around 20 later in the week. (sorry!). I am the opposite, always trying to turn up the heat when my hubby isn’t looking. I will wait until at least October though.
    Stay warm!

    • Back up into the 20s – don’t think we have any chance of that here now. But I shall console myself with the knowledge that our winter temps won’t dip anywhere near as low as yours.

      Kate x

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  3. Oh man, I love the cold weather! Dropping down into the 50′s at night here in NYC and cold and brisk in the morning. Tshirt and jeans weather for me. Yeah, I’m nuts!

  4. We have had quite a bit of rain lately, not normal for this time of year. Our weather has still bee rather mild though, until today. We have snow going on currently and our heat has been on all day. :)