Christmas Lights

Our outdoor Christmas light display is currently the subject of much debate in our house.

Last weekend, keen to get the lights up before the temperature dropped too low, my husband made a stab at installing the lights (for the record we do not switch them on until 1st December).  Eager to avoid my “helpful” input, he did this whilst I was out!  Perhaps I should applaud his proactive efforts to get the house ready for Christmas, but instead, I am ashamed to admit I have been particularly critical.

I felt that our outdoor light display last year was rather amateur (the lights on the garage were hickledy pickledy and the lights wrapped around the tree on the front lawn were so tightly wound they gave the impression of a tourniquet).  This year I was determined that we would do very much better and in preparation have bought several more strings of lights.  I was therefore a little dismayed to return home to find the lights installed in exactly the same configuration as last year.  The boxes of new lights unopened and overlooked.  Upon expressing this sentiment it was obvious that I was considered more than ungrateful and my comments were definitely not welcomed.

As we continue to “discuss” my husband’s initial complete refusal to adjust and embellish the Christmas lights has turned to one of weary acceptance (he knows full well I will not let the subject go) and he has agreed to get the ladder back out and add in the multiple extra strings of lights.  Equally, I have sensed that whilst he will hang more lights it would be prudent for me to avoid giving too much direction.  Or this is what I understood from his subtle remark that if I continued to dictate he would “wrap said lights around my neck and pull tight”.

So we compromise, I get my extra lights but they will twinkle in the lopsided haphazard fashion favoured by my husband!

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5 thoughts on “Christmas Lights

  1. Oh, that gave me a good laugh this morning! Too funny – especially about the “lights being wrapped round your neck”!! I, too, would prefer lights like you described but Randy waits until it is -30 and then goes out and puts them up the fastest way he can. He does not appreciate any input from me at all!
    Great story Kate! The “discussions”sounds like our house when we either put up the tree or lights outside! Glad I’m not alone!