Bikes, Cars and the Olden Days…..


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My son loves to talk (and talk and talk), in fact rarely is he quiet – that is unless he is eating!  His choice of subject matter is to say the least broad ranging, and he will discuss his chosen topic above and beyond.  Keeping track of his line of conversation can at times be challenging.

This morning as I drove him to the dentist for his check-up, we found ourselves having just one of these very chats….about of all things, cyclists and road safety.  Since we did not pass, nor can I recall the last time we saw a cyclist on the road in our neighbourhood, how we happened upon this conversation piece is a mystery to me.

I won’t attempt to recount our entire discussion (or even include the edited highlights), suffice to say after extensive to-ing and fro-ing, he asks:

“Mummy, when you are riding your bike, do you wave your arms so
the traffic knows which way you are going?”

In a nutshell, no, because I inform him, if I were to do so, I would most definitely wobble dangerously and most likely fall off.

“But, Mummy…..”

Eager to distract him from the lecture on road safety which I knew was about to follow (yes, I do wonder frequently whether in actual fact my children are infinitely more grown up and sensible than me, a suggestion with which I am more than sure they would concur), I divert him with what I believe to be an interesting historical snippet.  As I told him of how the drivers of early cars had to lean out and indicate by flapping their arms as they had no switch to flick and light system to flicker, he sniggered away.

“Mummy, is that what you did in the olden days?”


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19 thoughts on “Bikes, Cars and the Olden Days…..

  1. Kids are too funny! If you saw the way food delivery and messenger people on bikes here ride you would be amazed!

  2. Not so very,very long ago. Tell Grandson number one that when I learnt to drive I was taught to indicate my intention to turn right, right arm straight out of open window, to turn left, right arm moved in a circular motion. Slowing down did involve moving the arm up and down but flap, never!