April…..Oh to be in England…..

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I am going to steal the words of Robert Browning for today’s post:

Oh to be in England - Robert Browning

This extract from Robert Browning’s poem prompted me to consider the small everyday things I miss: decent tea bags; Cadbury’s chocolate (actually made by Cadbury and not Kraft as it is here); aerosol deodorants (who really has time to wait for their deodorant to dry); M&S and John Lewis…..

Aside from this “fluffy” list of things, that yes I do acknowledge that I could and have managed to live without, some days being abroad you simply just miss “home”.  I suppose ultimately it is a case of I say tomato, you say tomAYto!

I had really hoped to fit in a short trip to England during March but for a number of reasons the timing and schedule didn’t fit and my trip has been postponed.  I am though noisily optimistic that I will fly over during April.  And, given that now we are properly into Spring and my wardrobe is definitely in need of a little seasonal refresh, what better place is there to shop?  Whilst clothes and shoes are or should really not be the main motivation for my trip, while I am there, it would be quite simply wrong not to support the local economy just a little!

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18 thoughts on “April…..Oh to be in England…..

  1. I am so due for a trip there, as I have never been! This Fall I might fly over. Also, we have a wonderful British shop in NYC close to my street called London Candy Company. Everything there is authentic and comes from the UK. Including all the candy bars. I am addicted to the Flake Bar!

    • Thank you. I am really optimistic that I will manage to get over there very soon (and hopefully this month).

      Kate x

  2. We haven’t been back since 2008 and I do miss it so. Meeting up with girlfriends at Marks & Sparks for a cuppa before grabbing some shopping. As for the teabags, I found PG Tips in our local CVS the other day. You might find them in yours. :) And John Lewis hats…I may have to beg hubby for a trip over soon… ;)