304 Hours…..

Christmas Moose

According to an article which I read recently, the average mother spends an absolutely staggering, eye-popping 304 and a bit hours (or if you prefer, nearly 13 days) preparing for Christmas:

288 hours shopping

4.19 hours wrapping presents

3.03 hours decorating the house

9 hours cooking Christmas dinner

Having written, reviewed and re-written my festive “to do” lists and menus, I have decided to shave at least 20 minutes off my Christmas dinner cooking time this year, by forgoing criss-crosses on the bottom of sprouts.

Instead this weekend I used the “time saved” (plus some…..) individually piercing an extra large bag of cranberries for an all-essential bottle of festive gin!

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6 thoughts on “304 Hours…..

  1. Did I hear festive gin? Right up my street mate. It’s just mind boggling when you add up these hours. Thankfully I don’t do any of this so people like me get a lovely 304 extra hours to do other things.
    Hoping you all have a very enjoyable and lovely time.